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practising bringing presence, consciousness, mindfullness and awareness to our lives

i initially just started this community for my own practise of presence (why a community and not a journal? -> so that i don't have to keep loggin in and out), but i am open for anyone who wants to share a similar journey to join. :-)


this community is for people who want to practise bringing awareness and presence into their lives through the teachings of eckhart tolle (the power of now), byron katie (the work), gangaji, adyashanti and similar advaita/ non duality "presence" teachers.

you are encouraged to post exercises of 'your work' (the work) and/ or thoughts, experiences, feelings that may have helped you to become more present to your natural state of being. or indeed, feel free to post feelings, thoughts, experiences that have perhaps left you frustrated and dreaming about the future or the past. ;) i hope that through vocalising these frustrations it may open a door to becoming present to those frustrations and thereby finding acceptance and transformation.

i personally want to use this community to record exercises of "the work" i have done and am doing and i want to use it to record my observations of my inner world/ feelings and through that i hope to bring more presence and awareness into my life, mind, soul. i often find it hard to become present by just noticing what is going on within me and i hope by writing down what i observe i may help myself become more aware of what is going on for me and this may be a more frequent portal into the "now".

i am very aware that i am often NOT present, that is WHY i have started this community; so that i can practise it. and i would like this community to honour that this is a practise group, NOT a group for people who already consider themselves 'blissfully enlightened' ;). the one rule for this community is not to criticise when posts seem to come from a more unconscious/ non present state of mind/ being. helpful advice/ guidance is ok when that happens but pls avoid the game of 'i am more spirtual than you' (or of course; we can do a lot of 'work' around that - who would i be without that thought eh? hee, but you get my drift). ;)

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download 'the work' worksheets here: